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Mr.B.Natural and Atomic Treatment Present: Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules

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Mr.B.Natural and Atomic Treatment Present: Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules

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Long, long ago in a far away land film producers were left with an unenviable task.  The twin Gods of Supply and Demand had left them with 14 Italian Sword-and-Sandal movies that still had the potential for profit but did not warrant full theatrical releases in the New World, America.  After consulting with the Oracle it was decided that television shall play the bard and deliver onto the people these tales of heroism.  Trouble was no one in America knew who the hell Maciste was and it was Hercules they wanted to see.  So it came to pass that the assortment of films featuring various heroes with no connection to each other were placed under the “Sons of Hercules” brand and released to American TV.

Four of these tales featured the more or less heroic Maciste (Mah-Jess-Tiss) and this film chronicles his triumph over the wrenched (and infinitely incompetent) Mole Men.  Cursed with a wicked allergy to sunlight the Mole Men are forced to live a life in unending darkness.  Damned for eternity the Mole Men lash out at the world above raiding villages and taking slaves to work in their mines.  Endlessly the great wheel turns fueled by the sweat of slaves and churning out the boundless riches of the deep Earth.  Gold and diamonds (which had no real value back then but just go with it) flow from their terrible machine adding to the might of their race and to the power of their Queen.

The Dread Queen of the Mole Men seeks all the power of the world and to strike at those above who get to live in the sunlight.  On the hunt for a King she takes special interest in our hero and vows to make him hers just as he has vowed to free her slaves.  What follows is an epic tale of love, tragedy, and lots and lots of lifting and oiled man meat.

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