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Meat: From Range to Market (1955)

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Meat: From Range to Market (1955)

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Do you like meat?  I bet you don’t have a CLUE where it comes from!  See, meat actually comes from ANIMALS!  And animals eat GRASS!  And get this—those animals don’t just fall apart into sausage, hamburger, chops, and roasts—they need to be BUTCHERED!


Or wait, maybe you did know that… you and every other person who’s even vaguely familiar with the concept of “meat”.  However, somewhere out there in some remote corner of the planet is a poor sot who has no idea how cows turn into Big Macs, and that person is thanking their lucky stars that Encyclopedia Britannica Films is there to help.  So don’t be making fun of them!


Michael T Bradley (Ice on Mars writer and longtime vegetarian) joins Aaron Bossig (who likes a good steak) to deliver this farm-fresh iRiff.  Meat: From Range to Market is suitable for carnivores and grass-eaters alike, and is offered as a full-video iRiff.  Download and enjoy!

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