Love The One You Riff: Contracted

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Love The One You Riff: Contracted

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I'm providing commentary for the 2013 film, Contracted. It's the latest entry in the classic "rot woman" genre. The first ever rot-woman role was played by Ingrid Bergman in 1941, where, newly arrived in northern Africa, she's exposed to the zombie plague by Nazi soldiers, and her husband Victor has to watch as she rots away right before his -- wait, I may be wrong about that. Sorry, I seem to be going a bit insane here. This one was hard.... Samantha is a young woman who can't make up her own mind about anything, so she lets everyone else do it for her. As a result, she gets drunk, drugged, and raped. Before long, she's bleeding from the vagina, puking up blood, losing hair and nails, and feeling the urge to chomp into moist, tender human flesh. But what's her main focus through all this? Patching things up with her self-absorbed ex-girlfriend and winning some flower show with orchids she doesn't even have!  Vague themes, female-specific body horror, Brittany-level decision making, and a dramatis personae I wanted all to see dead made this movie a bit tough to watch. A second viewing allowed me to see the artistic, metaphoric beauty woven through the story, but this doesn't mean I'm going to show Contracted any mercy! You always riff the ones you love....

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