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Looper - as riffed by the Couch Blazers

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Looper - as riffed by the Couch Blazers

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The Couch Blazers (Ryan, Nick, and Grant) are joined by Future Grant to riff the sweeping sci-fi epic of bungled childhood development and misused time-travel that makes Hot Tub Time Machine look like Primer.  

Bruce Willis used to be a disreputable citizen of the future's future until his past self (from the future) blasted Willis with a blunderbuss in order to collect a bunch of gold.  Bruce didn't care much for being dead, so he created a tangent universe and set in motion a chain of wacky events culminating in child murder but beginning with a light-hearted lead-up that includes telekinesis, erotic sign language, professional hide-and-seek, jet-bikes, super-duper leprosy, kids with scimitars, back alley staring-contests, picnics, and all sorts of fun that can only be had in future Kansas.





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