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Knight Rider - Trust Doesn't Rust

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Knight Rider - Trust Doesn't Rust

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In this episode of Knight Rider, KITT meets his evil twin, KARR, voiced by Peter Cullen of "Transformers" fame!  Can David Hasselhoff outsmart it?  Can he blow it up?  Of course he can--with the help of clumsy 80's TV writing!

Cheese abounds in the form of inept villains, cheap special effects, made-up technical terms, and awkward dialog.  Join the fun as Snide Comments takes on this icon of 80's TV entertainment!

As an added bonus, this episode is available for FREE on Hulu!  (Which means you don't have to shell out money for the DVD's!)  Synchronizing features are added to help if you are pausing/unpausing around the commercial breaks.

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