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KiTMAh Predicts! - The Green Slime

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KiTMAh Predicts! - The Green Slime

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More than two decades ago, a group of men attempted to riff the 1968 movie, "The Green Slime". They failed...

Okay, so they didn't know what riffing was yet, they hadn't perfected the craft, but soon would! Now, revisit the film used for the original, unbroadcast pilot of MST3K, given the full iRiff treatment. How could it maybe have sounded had they fully done a riff of the movie, with the full abilities of riffing afforded to them later on. Thus, it's KiTMAh Predicts! Thrill to vague attempts to not sound much different from how they sounded, without breaching copyright issues! No references past October 1988! A sleepy voiced guy and a Midwesterner! A third riffer oddly appearing after whenabouts a host segment would've gone, then disappearing after when the next one would've gone!... And YOU, are there!

Of course, "The Green Slime" is not yet available on DVD in the US. Yet, you can't swing a dead rubber monster around without seeing it available unlegal-like on the updated Arpanet! As we would never condone the purchase of bootleg VHS rips of the film, we encourage everyone to buy this iRiff, then store it in a safe place until such time as MGM gets off their lazy collective lion-hide-duffs and puts it out officially.

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