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Just Andrew - "Soapy the Germ Fighter" Short

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Just Andrew - "Soapy the Germ Fighter" Short

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Soapy: Shakespearean character in puffy sleeves or rough-neck cowboy? In either case, Soapy keeps the creepily informative apparition tradition alive by appearing in Billy's bedroom, charged with the task of convincing Billy that there's nothing more manly than grizzled farmhands washing up in pink bathrooms before heading to the brothel. The talking Fels-Naptha preaches constant vigilance against germs being allowed entrance into any orifice and against any germ-riddled entity that might put them there. Watch with "Just Andrew", partner, as Billy and Soapy's midnight musings lead to a cleanliness revolution!

Contains both the video and audio tracks, skillfully merged for your convenience!

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