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Just Andrew - "Good Table Manners" Short

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Just Andrew - "Good Table Manners" Short

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Going back in time and changing one thing about our life is a wish had by many. Chuck, upon being granted this sacred ability, shuns NYSE stock tips for something more important; good table manners. Obnoxious Chuck is set upon by a future vision of himself that instructs him on fork-foods and soup-slurping, all in the name of driving the dames swoon-crazy at dinner parties. Future Chuck's ability to magically spawn three-course meals, coupled with Chuck's parents having stepped out for the evening, means that the hallucination can have full effect, turning loser Chuck into a European-style meat cutting machine! Watch with "Just Andrew" as we hope the next short about Chuck involves his wardrobe.

Contains both the audio and video tracks, skillfully merged for your convenience!

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