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Just Andrew - Classic Commercials 3 - Sex and Drugs

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Just Andrew - Classic Commercials 3 - Sex and Drugs

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When you have a good product, a REALLY good product, one that's practical and fulfills an everyday need, it pretty much sells itself. But if that doesn't work, you can always hire an attractive woman rub her herself all over it. It is then up to the consumer (woman) to carefully (lady) make an informed (hotness) and rational decision (legs). To celebrate this ancient struggle, here is Volume #3 of my "Commercials" series, titled "Sex & Drugs". Join "Just Andrew" as he fields commercials for useful medicines like Alka Seltzer and beer, and also women in various stages of naughtiness pitching things like Bactine face wash and Noxema shaving cream.

Need more incentive? One of the commercials actually features a woman in the shower. Seriously! (Mwa ha ha!)

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