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Journey to Jerusalem - Trials of the long eared Donkey

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Journey to Jerusalem - Trials of the long eared Donkey

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Once upon a time, a long, long, long, long time ago in the days of the Roman Empire, there was a small, hideous donkey who was made fun of (and rightly so) by his stable mates. Then one day, two strangers came along and the donkey soon took part in one of the most famous biblical stories ever. The freak's name was Ollie.

In this obvious rip-off of Rankin/Bass's 1977 tale, "Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey",  Ollie thinks the messiah (played by Jesus Christ) will choose him to ride into Jerusalem (and just how did he know about this?). His ugly stepbrothers get sick of him bragging about things he hasn't yet done and throw him down a well. Meanwhile, the Messiah sends his disciples, James and Kevin Murphy, to fetch a pale-colored donkey (Coincidence?!).

Will Ollie give Jesus a ride, or will he waste precious energy singing karaoke to outdated 80's drum beats? Either way, you'll be embarassed to be seen watching it--without the iRiff, that is.

With me is my assistance, N.E.S TOR. He's a robot. He'll be syncing the film and making jokes along the way. 

Special thanks to Tracy from QuipTracks ( for helping me polish the script, letting me use his recording equipment, and helping me in editing the track!

You can legally download this video from their website It should be hovering above the flash animation on the top of the page. Just right click and click save target and/or file to save it on your computer.

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