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Incognito Cinema Warriors XP (104) - Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory w/ short film Ghost Rider (VOD)

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Incognito Cinema Warriors XP (104) - Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory w/ short film Ghost Rider (VOD)

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The Short - "Ghost Rider"

Nicholas Cage not included.  This early 80's short features the spirit of a girl that burned in a bus wreck who has nothing better to do than harass unpopular kids about the perils of school bus evacuation.

The Film - "Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory"

When dreamy and mysterious Dr. Julian Olcott arrives to teach at a sparse girls’ school, (where many of the girls are moonlighting as hookers) mangled bodies start piling up.  But nevermind that, there‘s snooping to be done!  Watch the cast of this Italian horror who-done-it as they stop at nothing to talk about the dire werewolf situation.  No murderous beast is safe from being thoroughly ignored by cul-de-sac subplots and filibuster dialogue.


The guys get shaken when Dr. Blackwood is suddenly and violently replaced by an enigmatic new villain from the "Ludovico Corporation" (who seemingly Dr. B was also working for). 

Their new captor stands to make Dr. B's treatment of his prisoners look almost humanitarian as he pulls out all the stops to break the will of Rick and his robot pals.  What's more, he seems to have met Rick before without him knowing and sports diabolical anuerism-causing cell phone apps!

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