Incognito Cinema Warriors XP (102) - Lady Frankenstein (VOD)

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Incognito Cinema Warriors XP (102) - Lady Frankenstein (VOD)

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Join Commander Rick Wolf, along with his robot pals Johnny Cylon and Topsy-Bot 5000 as they’re forced to sit through the trashy horror epic Lady Frankenstein.

Italy’s take on the classic tale is the smuttiest one to date! After the Doc’s phallic-headed monster bear hugs him to death, his foxy daughter Tonya decides to use his lab as a boyfriend factory!

It’s a steamy love story for the handicapped, as Tonya seduces not only her father’s crippled lab assistant, but their mentally challenged stableboy! Be among the first to see the second episode of the series being hailed as one of the least awful underground riffing shows around!

Six fun live action skits included!

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