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Ice on Mars - Pack of Briefs volume 2

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

Ice on Mars - Pack of Briefs volume 2

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If Hollywood has taught us anything, it's that people love sequels. That's why we've gone back to a project over a year old that never really sold like hotcakes to begin with. BECAUSE IT'S KIND OF A SEQUEL. Join Michael T Bradley and Scix Maddix as they tackle the following briefs, listed in the recommended viewing order:


Goodbye to Garbage. A fairly ridiculous short about "garbage disposers," as my mother calls them. You'll never look at a garbage disposal the same way again. If, y'know, you ever look at one. Not sure why you would, but ... if you do .... anyway. The sample is the full version of this, though one line has been changed for the final release & some audio tweaked. (Runtime 5:55)

Who Cares. This short might seem familiar. That's because it's been done before by both Film is Pwn & Movie Masochists. Whoops! Go buy theirs on iRiffs and enjoy them as well, but ESPECIALLY enjoy our take on it. A young unhappy boy is swayed to the dark side by atonal music. It is, like most shorts, just weird. (Runtime 11:01)

220 Blues. An odd little look at the issue of race. We are, of course, completely respectful of this controversial topic. (Runtime 16:37)

The ABC of Sexual Education for Trainables. Oh, now, what the hell is this? Seriously, the '70s, what was WRONG with you? So let's explain. "Trainable" is a euphemism that went out of style (for obvious reasons) for mentally handicapped. Yes, that's right, this short is about teaching sex ed to people who make you uncomfortable on the subway. Again, we approach this short with only the most sincere and respectful of intentions. (Runtime 19:48)

These shorts absolutely contain explicit, graphic material. Mature subject matter & riffing. "Enjoy"--if that word even exists anymore--these lovely little morsels of oddness. ENJOY.

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