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Prepare to meet the harbingers of doom and evil beyond imagining.  Gary and Erin Slasher from Hor-RIFF-ic Productions will now face their most terrifying foe to date: FROGS!

Why are you laughing? You don't think frogs can be scary?  Well just try sitting through this ecological cautionary tale all by yourselves and see if you're not screaming by the end.

What's out there in the swamp, ready to hop out and kill you at any moment?

  • Poo Shots!
  • Pillow Fights!
  • Drunken Boating!
  • Toads!  Wait, what?!?
  • Armed Octogenarians!
  • Excessive Amounts of Denim!

Plus: The Horror that is Sam Elliot's Bald Upper Lip!

So don't be green with envy, grab some hip waders and come along on this bayou beat down!  No renegade amphibians will stand in the way of our good time, no matter how many bodies start to pile up.

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