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Heated Seats presents Touched by an Angel

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Heated Seats presents Touched by an Angel

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For 9 long years, CBS insisted on airing Touched by an Angel, week after week. Our grandmothers delighted in the weekly triumph of a strange Scottish angel in the face of heartbreak & hardship...without noticing the bad acting, awful writing, or even Della Reese. I mean, Della Reese...she was right there, in her loud shirts and gaudy jewelry, and they didn't even see her! Weird, right? Well, we're here to finally point her out, as well as a littany of other offenses this TV show wrought on the world.

(This is a riff of the episode "Southbound Bus", which is episode 1 of season 1. Not that it matters, we know you own the whole 9 season box set, don't you? Of course you do.)

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