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Harass Bastards - Rudy

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Harass Bastards - Rudy

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Rudy is the heartwarming story of a mentally handicapped young man and his struggle to shed his legacy of working at the Terminator factory on Mustafar for his father to play football for the largest and most powerful football team ever: NOTRE DAME'S FIGHTIN' IRISH! Rudy travels to the far away land of South Bend to acheive his lifelong dream, to become one of the 2,000 players of Golden Helmeted gods that are the NOTRE DAME! team. Rudy overcomes all odds and faces challenges he has never faced before( like women, alcohol, and the college life style). He endures all these hardships to play the last 27 seconds of his final game ever, with his team that is up 305 points, and help to stop the opposing teams last attempt to score.

GregMcDuck joins the Harass Bastards in their latest battle that takes them into double overtime to beat a worthy opponent that is Rudy. There will be laughter, there will be crying(tears of hilarity, that is), and there will be an unrelenting mocking of Jon Favreau. So join the Harass Bastards in their destruction, I mean, appreciation of this timeless inspiring tale.

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