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Halloween II

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Halloween II

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Welcome to The Movie Asylum: You Don't Have to be Crazy to Riff Here but it Helps!

In their very first riff, riffers James Rosenthal and Ben Rosenthal enlist the help of guest riffer Steve Lutz to tear into Halloween 2.  For those who just couldn't get enough of a murderous mime in a bleached William Shatner mask there's good news: Michael Myers lives to slash another day in this lighthearted romp of a film.  That wacky Dr. Loomis and his best friend Sheriff Brackett are back to wander around aimlessly while our hero Michael Myers kills a lot of annoying, useless people.  Unfortunately, none of them is Shia LaBeouf.

Written and performed by James Rosenthal (James of LinHood), Ben Rosenthal (MechanicalTorgo), and Steve Lutz (Steve-O), with additional writing by Mike Hirsch (dignan) and Christian King (Sideswipe) of the Rifftrax forums, this riff is fun for all of you aspiring psycho killers out there!  Just don't kill us.  We love our lives too much!

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