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Admit it, when those first teasers came out we were excited to finally see our favorite cheesey monster done justice. By the nation that botched his name back in 1954... maybe we should have seen this coming. Anyway, we all thought "finally, a godzilla movie without goofy special effects, horrible dialogue, and contrived plot devices!" Weeeeeellllll, maybe the next one. Brought to us becasue no one asked for it by Masters of Disaster Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, haters of famous American landmarks and apparently movie critics (see mayor of New York in the movie). And let's face it, who doesn't love a movie that makes the american military look worse than a bunch of Storm Troopers?

Carrying with it the classic Godzilla film hamfisted environmental message, it also taught us that "size DOES matter" unless of course they're talking about the size of the monster which tends to change quite radically depending on where you're standing. A labor of love (and hate) over a year in the making, brand new riffers James, Jordan, and Josh bring you: A French Monster in New York! No? No one liked that title? Nuts...

Sorry it took so long to get out, there are some slight annoyances in the audio that we were trying to fix, may still be on there a little so next time we know what to do to make it better!

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