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Fun With Flicks: Laser Mission

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

Fun With Flicks: Laser Mission

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Join Josh as he riffs this wicked awesome action flick from 1990 starring Brandon Lee and Ernest Borgnine. No lasers, not much of a mission, but we do get a catchy theme song and a rather buoyant female agent who walks 400 miles in high heels. With more bad accents than Angelina Jolie's demo reel, Laser Mission delivers all the heart-pounding action of your cable company's onscreen channel guide.

Amazingly, this gem is in the Public Domain, so this riff is offered as a full-length VOD. Click the sample link to the right to watch the first fifteen minutes!

NOTE: Laser Mission is rated "R". It's not very explicit, but there is some strong language and completely ludicrous violence. It's nothing shocking, but more naughty than my typical riffs. Be ye warned!

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