Frosty Returns

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Frosty Returns

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Usually, around the time of the holidays, CBS enjoys following up the classic holiday special Frosty the Snowman with... this thing. If Frosty the Snowman was a juicy steak, Frosty Returns would be the rotting flan with mold on it for dessert.

Written by what appears to be a committee, Frosty Returns sucks the holiday spirit right out of you. It's a stain on the month of December even more than "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" and NKOTB's "Have a Funky, Funky Christmas". This was made back in the early 90's, when everyone was going overboard with making nearly every cartoon into a politically correct moral about the environment. Sadly, no Captain Planet to save Frosty here.

It stars John Goodman as Frosty, which is its one saving grace. Bryan Doyle-Murray plays the evil Mr. Twitchell, who is bearable up until the... *sigh* ...rap segment. Another early 90's cartoon staple. Jan Hooks is in it, despite the fact that she gets about 20 seconds of screentime and nobody's cared about her in years. Not to mention Jonathan Winters as a demonic imp thing that beats the Cryptkeeper in the award for "Creepiest Narrator".

You should be able to find Frosty Returns on just about any DVD that has Frosty the Snowman on it. Or there are others ways to watch it, I'm sure. Very much do I hope you make the decision to give our latest iRiff attempt a watch. There's a variety of other darn good iRiffs out there that you might like, such as the Gabby Goes Fishing iRiff. That's a good one.

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