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Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

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Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

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Ahhh Friday the 13th, clearly the a mega king in the realm of chessy horror movies, and while the arguement can be made that some of them range from good to watchable there is no arguement around that can defend part 8:  Jason Takes Manhattan. (sorta)


Join everyones favorite mass murderer as he sporadically gains the power to teleport, and punches the head off a token black guy, and not to mention it is complemented with a big fat cherry on top AKA chrissys dad from threes company who gets out acted on a regular basis by his own eyebrows.

What would Jason takes manhattan be without the big apple itself? see all its sights from the famous 'Un-named dock' to the 'Un-named diner', and who could forget a constant maze of alleyways that apparently never end, or conntect to any main streets some would argue the true star of this movie is NYC, unfortunetly those people would have cataracs.


But at the end of the day (barring that stupid jason in space movie) this is by far the single worst friday the 13th movie available and only I "EDISRAW" have the chops to stare it dead in the face and say 'Someone please shoot me in the eyeballs'



*To avoid another youtube banning i'll be forced to not upload a sample but i assure you it's done to the best of my means as of now, and in my opinion is pretty awesome for a first shot*


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