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FireRiffs Presents: This is Hormel

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FireRiffs Presents: This is Hormel

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    Remember all those childhood days watching freight trains go by and wondering what was in all the Hormel cars?  No?  So I suppose next you're going to tell me that you never begged your father to take you to tour a food processing plant.  Well you were one weird kid let me tell you!  Now Brad and Greg Rugg, they just couldn't wait to tour the Hormel plant.  Little did they know what horrors awaited them.
    This is Hormel  takes you on a mind numbingly tedious tour of a Hormel plant.  You'll learn just what goes into the production of many Hormel products.  See pig carcasses get butchered.  Learn the terrifying secret of gelatin.  Witness the skin being stripped off a dead steer.  Watch the incredibly appetizing process that is making hot dogs!  Oh, and don't forget "the country's favorite luncheon meat" Spam.  All this is presented in stunning Yawnovision!  It's 30 minutes of vomit inducing fun!
    Strap on your barf bags and join me as I riff the short that has left me wanting bludgeon myself to death with a can of Dinty Moore.

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