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FireRiffs Presents: Bicycle Clown

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FireRiffs Presents: Bicycle Clown

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When you ride your bike how much thought do you put into bicycle safety?  Do you give your bike a 10 point inspection?  Do you thoroughly review all the traffic laws and be sure to adhere to them?  Are you careful not to do anything on your bike that might be fun?  If not you may be in a world of trouble!  Your very life may be on the line!  That's what happened to careless bicycle clown Jimmy.  Oh he survives his little brush with death but how could he have avoided it?  Thank goodness he has a big brother who takes the time to find out exactly what a reckless little dare devil Jimmy really is.  He won't rest until he uncovers just how irresponsible his little brother is.  Enjoy this short that leaves you wondering why Jimmy's parents can't be bothered to visit their son in the hospital after a biking accident.

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