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FilmRoasters: The Dungeonmaster

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FilmRoasters: The Dungeonmaster

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"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

This is the first of our FilmRoasters Uncut series; the commentary track is entirely improv and none of us had ever seen or heard of this movie before. Part of a small genre of movies brought to you by 80's visionary Charles Band, it showcases through the eyes of no less than seven directors the semi-delusional adventures of a nerdy programmer who uses his self-created technology to steal from banks and calculate boring marriage statistics. Presumably as punishment, Satan kidnaps him and challenges him to the worst LARP ever concocted.

The Dungeonmaster is kind of a hard movie to find; never released on DVD, the best way to get it is through Netflix streaming, and this audio commentary will synch up with that just fine. You can also still buy it on VHS. • Commentary by Eric Vinyard, Brandon Bates, Wes Allen, and Becca Best

Note: We had a moment of technical difficulty during the recording where the audio mysteriously vanished. The gap is only four minutes long and about 20 minutes into the movie. Feel free to use that space to try out your own riffs!

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