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FilmRoasters: Somewhere, Tomorrow (VOD)

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FilmRoasters: Somewhere, Tomorrow (VOD)

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"Love me enough to love life."

Somewhere, Tomorrow is another dollar-store gemstone about a young Sarah Jessica Parker struggling with the memories of her dead father while coming to terms with her mom's still-prime libido and insatiable thirst for a cop. What seems like prime fodder for after-school special material somehow got the "plot" treatment, since apparently the only person who can help her through this troubling time is the ghost of a guy she tries to save from a horrible, body-mangling airplane accident. A ghost who can take showers, ride in cars, and needs a place to sleep at night.

If this all sounds utterly unbelievable, it's because it pretty much is. In fact, the whole reason this movie made it into our Uncut Series isn't because we were happy with our riffs the first time through, but because there was absolutely no way in any form of hell that we were going to sit through this miserable pile of upchuck for a second pass. Let me put this way: if you can make it through even just once, you deserve to have the riff for free. Of course, we can't afford to give it to you for free, but at least you'll walk away knowing you deserved it that way.

Feature-length AVI (Xvid) • Commentary by Eric Vinyard, Brandon Bates, Wes Allen, and Greg Spaulding •

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