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FilmRoasters: Bail Out (VOD)

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FilmRoasters: Bail Out (VOD)

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"You take off now, girl, you got real problems!"

David "I Just Want a Cheeseburger" Hasselhoff of T.V.'s Knight Rider and Baywatch fame plays White Bread, a bounty hunter trying desperately to save Linda Blair's nonexistent career. I mean her character, in the film, what's-her-face. Seriously, the guy's name is White Bread, I don't think there's anything else worth saying about this movie after revealing that fact. What it really comes down to is a feature-length version of the old joke, "A white guy, a black guy, and a mexican walk into a Central American drug cartel armed to the teeth with uzis and flare guns when all of a sudden..."

This is the second in our Uncut Series and our first VOD; after we drank a lot of beers and roasted The Dungeonmaster, we were pretty happy with the off-the-cuff riffs and decided to have another go at one of the dollar store DVDs in our growing collection. It's 100% unscripted, 100% improv, and as it turns out, 100% public domain so we can spread it around like a fungal infection complete with the authentic itches and rashes you'll surely get after watching the whole thing!

Feature-length AVI (Xvid) • Commentary by Eric Vinyard, Brandon Bates, Wes Allen, and Will Evans •

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