Film Nuts Presents: King of the Rocket Men - Episode Two - VOD

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Film Nuts Presents: King of the Rocket Men - Episode Two - VOD

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The Rocket Man plummets to his death. Or does he?

Will Jeff survive? Will the viewer stay awake? Is Jeff a proper name for a guy with a rocket on his back? Who is Doctor Vulcan? Is he a member of Science Associates? Is he simply a nerd in front of a very big spotlight? Is he responsible for the question mark and, if so, responsible for these unending questions most readers will skim by anyway?

Enjoy the thrilling second episode of Republic Pictures' King of the Rocket Men, one of the best serials out there. And when we say "best" we mean "least sucktacular." Any tale that starts with a plane exploding, and ends with New York City being decimated, is worth at least three bucks.

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Time: Approx. 13 minutes 


Note: Though has granted permission to use these chapters, YouTube continues to disallow embedding and is screwy with the links. When you click here: you will see Episode One's clip; click on the "Episode Two" link for a preview.

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