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Film Nuts Presents: King of the Rocket Men - Episode One - VOD

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Film Nuts Presents: King of the Rocket Men - Episode One - VOD

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Ready for some retro laffs? Like to watch 40s-something men wearing suits who twist their nipples to achieve powered flight? Did you think "The Rocketeer" was akin to literature and, therefore, you need another fix?

If so, revel in the first chapter of Republic Pictures' 1949 serial "King of the Rocket Men." It features impotent punches, stock footage explosions, an old chick with a fetish for film negatives, and boring old men who pretend to be, well, men. Clearly one of the biggest influences on a young George Lucas, it includes wooden dialogue, contrived plots, and a 1940s version of Boba Fett. How can you go wrong?

Chapters Two and Three VODs are also available. For the complete 12-episode serial on DVD, visit or

Approx. 20 minutes

Note: Though has granted permission to use these chapters, YouTube continues to disallow embedding. So here is the clip: 

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