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Film Nuts presents - Double Dose of Doom! (VOD)

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Film Nuts presents - Double Dose of Doom! (VOD)

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People are idiots. We do just about anything we can to kill ourselves and, frankly, all the efforts to prevent our self-destruction are fruitless. Case in point - two educational films designed to save your life: " "Six Murderous Beliefs" and "Why Not Live?"

These short films detail the horrific ways you can murder yourself. Though the Red Cross does its darndest to save you, you're bound to dig your own grave and crawl in. Even if you DO try and protect yourself, every household appliance, vehicle, hobby, sport and innocent diversion is gunning for you. We'd suggest you crawl into the fetal position and pray to whatever god your worship, but chances are he will kill you too.

Enjoy these two (enhanced) nutty shorts with a brief intermission, including a preview of the SINGLE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE! It's sure to cure what ails ya!


Approx. 26:00

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