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Film Is Pwn Presents: Walking To School/VD Is For Everyone!

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Film Is Pwn Presents: Walking To School/VD Is For Everyone!

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Film is Pwn presents a double feature, first a short from the 50s titled “Walking to School” which shockingly confirms your grandparent’s assertion that they had to walk 38 miles to school every day.  We follow an amiable brother and sister duo as they traverse the streets of Los Angeles, as they must confront various intersections, crosswalks, overpasses, tunnels, blind alleys, benevolent strangers who offer them a ride, and one wise-cracking troll who just won’t let them cross his bridge without answering the three riddles.  Okay, that troll thing we made up, but the rest is there.

If that’s not enough, we’ve included a one-minute Public Service Announcement aptly dubbed, “VD Is For Everyone,” which appears to be promoting the benefits of contracting a venereal disease.  All this, 11 minutes + of USDA certified, Pedobear approved entertainment from your Film Is Pwn iRiffers Tom Stephens, Brian Alterman, and Daniel Roos can be yours for the price of $.98!

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