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Drawback Productions Presents: The Return of Chandu, Chapter 5

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Drawback Productions Presents: The Return of Chandu, Chapter 5

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You will be unable to see anything clearly.

You will be unable to hear anything clearly.

You will have no idea what is going on.

This movie may be 80 years old, but it will leave YOU feeling 80 years old. 

This is the Return of Chandu! 

If you aren’t familiar with any of Chandu’s previous adventures, then congratulations on not having died of old age, which any fan of this crap has already done many years ago.  Bela Lugosi supports his drug habit by playing Frank Chandler, AKA Chandu, who can do magic stuff that can all be easily achieved in camera.  Chandu is dating an Egyptian princess who an evil cult wants to oh my God, I can’t even be bothered to finish typing this!  Drawback Productions (Dru Brock and his more-than-patient wife, Megan) will be tackling the fifth chapter in this cinematic packing peanut that was meant only to take up space before the real movie started.  If you haven’t seen chapters 1 through 4, then you’re in luck, because nothing of consequence happened.  Nothing really happens in this one either, so your luck has run out.  Sorry about the brevity of your lucky streak. 

Part 5 of 12.  Get the other chapters here:

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