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Drawback Productions Presents: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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Drawback Productions Presents: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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Trying to get your lady friend into Rifftrax and iRiffs, but the never-ending selection of Sci-Fi and action movies on this sausage-fest of a website just don’t appeal to her?  We here at Drawback Productions understand how the joint hatred of something can strengthen a relationship, and it is with this knowledge that we present to you an object worthy of your combined loathing: Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  

Assault your ears with a soundtrack full of songs you won’t remember and covers you didn’t know existed!  Assault your eyes with an endless parade of pastel-colored fashion nightmares!  Assault your nostalgia with a cast chock-full of before-they-were-has-beens!  Hair will be frizzy, legs will be warmed and you’ll be left wondering how a movie can be so formulaic yet still so thoroughly botched.  

Throwing my hat in for Husband of the Millennium, I, Dru Brock, sit down with my wife, Megan, and take on this 80s-tacular piece of tripe in an attempt to not only strengthen our own marital bond, but perhaps yours as well.  Barring that, maybe we can just squeeze some money out of some ladies or gay men.

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