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Doug's Big, Long One - Riders of the Whistling Skull VOD

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Doug's Big, Long One - Riders of the Whistling Skull VOD

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You’ve got Three Amigos in my Three Musketeers.  You’ve got Three Musketeers in my Three Amigos.  Together, they taste like an old serial strung together to look like an oddly anachronistic movie.   

If you didn’t get enough Ray “Crash” Corrigan and his brawny bear chest in Undersea Kingdom, then let me introduce you to The Three Mesquiteers.  If you’ve been itching to see three cowboys interacting with 1950s suit wearing dudes, dealing with sudden power outages (Power?!  In the Old West?) and a safari into endless canyons, then maybe I need to reintroduce you to the aforementioned movie trio.  

In The Three Mequiteers: The Riders of the Whistling Skull, we get all this and more.  Oh, and blatant racism.  Lots and lots of blatant racism.  Unfortunately, it’s only 50 minutes of racism, so I’ve tacked on an open ended short that answers absolutely NO questions about how to promote an inexperienced guy over the most qualified person.  That bonus short is called, Promotion Bypass.  

This is a VOD presentation.  It includes the feature and the bonus short pre-synced with the smartass commentary for your convince.  

If you’ve never checked out The Orwellian Nightmare Society, America’s Favorite Team Up, Big Bunch of Doug Shorts or Doug’s Big, Long One, this is the perfect introductory movie at the perfect introductory price.

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