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DogKnob: Star Trek Voyager - Prime Factors

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DogKnob: Star Trek Voyager - Prime Factors

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Star Trek Voyager: Prime Factors

(2nd episode on Season 1, Disc 3 Voyager DVD)
a DogKnob presentation (audio iRiff, 50m)

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This is the episode where both Janeway and Harry Wang almost get laid!

Voyager is literally accosted by this dude from Suck-arris, where pleasure is the first order of business. Having destroyed an entire society's concept of Heaven in their previous outing, Ice-On-Mars' Emanations [1st episode on disc], the Voyager gang is more than ready for a little R and capital-friggin' R!

Things start to get a bit squishy when this Suck-arrian babe wielding an impressive weather-predicting dildo takes Harry to a planet 40,000 light-years away for a bit of the old in-out. Harry blows that open-legged opportunity when he discovers where he is and returns to Suck-arris to cockblock, er, inform Janeway of his experience. Turns out the Suck-arrians are in possession of a space-folding technology that could send Voyager home and mercifully end the series after three-quarters of one season (but then we would not have gotten Sarah Silverman or Seven O'nine!).

But NOOOO! The Suck-arrians have their own version of the Prime Directive and refuse to share their space-folding-thingy. Besides, the Suck-arrian Magistrate is more determined to get him some Janeway-tang than Helen Keller was determined to read.

Meanwhile, Seska begins her journey to "the dark side" (which goes full-blown in the following episode, Treacheriffs' State of Flux [3rd episode on disc]) when she convinces Torres and Kerry to mutiny and illicitly obtain the space-folder.

Of course, we're talking about DogKnob here, so alter-egoes abound: Janeway reveals a new personality once she's knocked back a couple, Tuvok becomes Mr. Badass (complete with his own theme music) when Janeway's not around and offers the Suck-arrians Voyager's complete collection of Penthouse Letters in exchange for the space-folder, Torres apparently ate a bad burrito somewhere, and Harry blows it so badly with the Suck-arrian babe that he soon retreats into a complete fantasy world (as we see in Riff Raff Theater's Heroes and Demons [4th episode on disc]).

DogKnob is:

Cassidy: "My pants are pure Corinthian Leather... and there's candy in them!"
DX Stone: "You're my Mandingo... Half man, half dingo!"

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