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Disney's Herbie Fully Loaded Riffed!

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Disney's Herbie Fully Loaded Riffed!

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What do you get when you cross a possessed 1963 Volkswagen Beatle and the Fast and the Furious franchise? You get a box office turd with more product placement on it than a NASCAR stock car. The only way anyone without the brain of a child can enjoy is with RiffTrax commentary provided by IndyFan53.

 In this iRiff, IndyFan53 beats down on a movie that killed his favorite childhood icon, Herbie the Love Bug. This riffing contains jokes about Lindsay Lohan, Batman, and Matt Dillon. For 89 cents, you can either buy a cheap snack at Taco Bell and enjoy it once, or you can enjoy this iRiff over and over again. The choice is yours.

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