Cow Belles

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Cow Belles

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What happens when two rich teenage girls are suddenly forced to work in a dairy?  In an epic struggle against good and evil, the Callum sisters search for the answers of everyone's lifelong questions in this glorious made for TV movie.  Join Jeff, Danny, a fake ghost of Don Knotts and a cheesy impression of George Takei as they search for the answers only the greatest scholars have dared to journey into:  "Why does the dairy even have that lever?," "Why was this movie even made?," and "Who IS Ralph, anyways?"

*Please note that this film is available through Netflix streaming, or, if you don't have Netflix, YOU can watch it on the TUBE.  Although the DVD is available through Amazon, YOU can find it other places on the web and sync it on your TUBE.  YOU can do it!  (TUBE).  




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