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Cinester Theater Presents: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Cinester Theater Presents: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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 Have you ever looked over at your neighbors yard and found yourself thinking, "Gee, the grass really is greener over there"? Have you ever wished maybe you could leave your old lawn behind and experience the many wonders of a new, strange lawn? Have you then wished that you could replace that new lawn with Jack-O-Lanterns and bat corpses? Then this is the movie for you!

 After celebrating another dreary Halloween, Pumpkin King (also, Mattress King) Jack Skellington discovers a gateway to the world of Christmas. Filled with the inexplicable joy and good cheer, he decides to share the wonder with the denizens of Halloweentown. But when Halloweentown's innate love of grisly murder threatens to ruin Christmas, Jack Skellington will have to sing and mince about on toe-tappin' quest to rescue Santa Claus from the Boogieman! And, because this is a Tim Burton movie, we're talking stripes and pointy angle galore!

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