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Cinester Theater Presents: The Neverending Story

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Cinester Theater Presents: The Neverending Story

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Were you quiet and introverted as a child? Did you ever feel underappreciated or overlooked, like you were destined for more? Do you like puppets? If the answer to any of those questions was "yes", then boy do we have bad news for you!

Cinester Theater brings you the story of Bastian, a troubled young boy whose hobbies include getting thrown into the dumpster by bullies, shoplifting, and whiling away long hours in his school's attic, reading an enormous leatherbound book that's actually a magical doorway into adventure! By vicariously experiencing the hero Atreyu's quest to save Fantasia (the land of racing snails and giant, nihilist turtles!) from destruction at the hands of The Nothing (see also: clouds), Bastian finds the courage to live out his dreams... which, in his case, center mostly around exacting horrible revenge on those who have wronged him.

 But so many questions are left unanswered: does Bastian ever return the book? Does his father wonder where he's been all night? And why doesn't anyone seem to notice how totally evil Falkor is?

 Don't worry! Shawn and Keith of Cinester Theater are here to make sense of it all for you. Fear not, intrepid viewer: this movie only seems like it's Never-ending. But we'll get through it... together.

So get ready to sit back and enjoy as we all become a part of "The Neverending Story".

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