Cinester Theater Presents: Forrest Gump

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Cinester Theater Presents: Forrest Gump

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Cinester Theater invites you to join them on a heartwarming journey through American history: the trials, the tribulations, the seafood. Come and watch it all unfold through the eyes of a simple, goodhearted man and the near-endless stream of people who pathologically take advantage of him.

Forrest Gump is a bit... different. Not the sharpest knife in the playroom (knives don't go in the playroom, Forrest, we've been through this), Forrest is born into a country in the middle of growing pains of its own. In the hustle and bustle of the great changes sweeping the world, Forrest is carried along on a series of increasingly grand adventures. From China to the White House, from shrimp boat captain to bumper sticker prodigy, Forrest Gump is always there to blink uncomprehendingly at the most pivotal of historic events. And with Shawn, Keith, and Brooks along for the ride, it's a side-splitting comedy saga that you won't ever forget.

Grab some snacks, some friends, and a comfy cushion and settle in for this epic tale of love and ping pong as Cinester Theater Presents: Forrest Gump!

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