Cinester Theater Presents: Back To The Future

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Cinester Theater Presents: Back To The Future

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If you're like us, then you've probably seen more than your fair share of time-travel movies. Everyone knows the rules, of course: don't touch anything, don't talk to anyone, and keep all your nifty future gadgets out of sight until a dramatically-appropriate moment. But have you ever wondered what might happen if you traveled through time and decided to just toss all the rules right out the window?

 Cinester Theater Presents the story of Marty, the worst time-traveler in movie history. After a series of wacky mishaps involving murderous Libyan terrorists, Marty finds himself catapulted back to 1955, where he wastes no time bumping into both his parents and putting his very existence at risk. Unfortunately for Marty, the only person he has to help him Doc Brown, a wild-eyed, legally-insane "scientist" who puts the "mad" in the phrase "mad-science" (while, simultaneously, removing the word "science" from the phrase "mad-science"). Together, they must find a way to fix the past and return Marty where he belongs... and maybe destroy the entire town of Hill Valley while they're at it.

 With a rocking soundtrack consisting almost exclusively of "Huey Lewis and The News" and more incest than a Greek tragedy, "Back To The Future" will be one rollicking adventure through time that you'll never forget!


 (Note: For some reason, the synch lines later in the iRiff happen a second after the character in the movie says it.The actual riffs are all fine, but it looks like our synch-lines drifted at some point while we were rendering it to an .mp3 file. Sorry about the mixup, we're not sure what happened, but it should be fine if you start the MP3 track when we tell you... just keep in mind that the later synch lines come a second after the character in the movie says it.)



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