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Cinemasochism: Dining Together

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Cinemasochism: Dining Together

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Ah, the family meal. Americana at it's best. And not just any family meal, but THE Thanksgiving meal. Quiet, neat and respectful. Everyone in their Sunday best and on their best behavior. Turkey with all of the trimmings. Who could ask for more?

While this short is Mom, apple pie and Cheverolet at first glance, there are some disturbing undertones to this family. A six year old boy who gazes obesessively at plastic fruit as if it was his best friend. A Depression-era mother who is despair in it's purest, mortal form. A dad who spends more time talking to the more attractive female neighbor than his own kids and a turkey that looked like it was raised in North Korea. All the while, a Shakey's Pizza-inspired suicide piano dirge playing in the background that would drive even Dr. Phil to the brink.

If, after watching this, you have the sudden urge to order a pizza and spend the holidays alone, do not say you were not warned.

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