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Cinemasochism: Am I Normal?

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Cinemasochism: Am I Normal?

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Am I Normal? A question that the likes of Michael Moore and Al Franken ask on a daily basis.

You know, sometimes there are times when a deep hurt from long ago flares up and injures your psyche with such force, that all you want to is just hurt it back.

As an example, harken back to those days back in the 1970's when you were a captive audience in your junior high school health class, being exposed to such mind-numbing and soul-crushing atrocities such as this feature. Part Junior Welcome Back, Kotter, part too-creepy-for-it's-own-good Electric Company and part NAMBLA recruiting video. It was enough to make you wonder if the Masters & Johnson Study had not infected every single damned school in the country.

Follow the trials and travails of one nerdy 13-year old as he puzzles over the age-old questions such as the normalcy of wet spots on his bed, mysterious throbbings in his Toughskins, not to mention clumsily propositioning the school librarian by uttering the "P Word". While also witnessing very disturbing Dali-like images of animated masturbation and hair growth in previously unknown areas of the body and beating off the affections of his not-yet-legal Charlie's Angels girlfriend. All the while trying to stay "cool" with his less than hip school "gang".

As tortuous as Alex in "A Clockwork Orange" with his eyes kept open, this short obviously slipped under the Geneva Convention's sight.

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