Cartoon Chaos: Grampy in Be Human (SHORT)

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Cartoon Chaos: Grampy in Be Human (SHORT)

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In space Grampy can't hear you scream... cause the space people took his hearing aid.

Call him Grampy, call him "Dirty Dipey" Callahan, but never call him while he's watching court tv, grampy gets cranky.  In a futuristic post apocalyptic orwellian subterranean prehistoric waterworld their are no rules, except Grampy's rules.  Grampy has fallen in love and he can't get up.. out of danger!  Now he must fight the men that trained him by using a few "old" tricks.  Grampy is..... "Be Human"  Available in panoramicxray3dstereosurrounddolbyhotdogpotatosaladicecream vision.

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