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Captain America (1944 serial) ep-03 - VOD

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

Captain America (1944 serial) ep-03 - VOD

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~~CHAPTER 3: THE SCARLET SHROUD {run time:16min}~~ Captain America and his elderly friend are in peril!! -They're tied up and/or unconscious while a Mechanically Executing tractor, with all buttons and levers set for "smush," makes its way towards them!  ...Meanwhile; Matson, one of The Scarab's agents, has escaped with the plans for the Electronic Firebolt!  ...again. With a weapon so powerful and destructive, The Scarab's criminal empire will gain total control! It's up to Captain America and the old guy he hangs out with to break free and intervene, or it will spell certain doom for whatever city this takes place in!

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