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Legendary filmmaker Uwe Boll continues his proud tradition of bringing some of the finest videogames of our time to the big screen.  2005’s BloodRayne is a thrilling tale which follows half-vampire Rayne as she quests to end her father’s terrible rule, with the help of some newfound friends (and enemies? Bum bum bummm).  With Boll at the helm and an all-star cast, it’s sure to be a wild ride. 

Mad Graph Riffs is determined to bring you the ultimate cheesy movie entertainment experience, and so we have selected the Director’s Cut of BloodRayne.  However, if you only have access to the standard edition, fear not!  As far as we can tell, the Boll Cut just adds a pointless montage to the end, not any pesky plot details or character development scenes, so 95% of the riff can be reused without the need for constant re-syncing.  Once the movie has finished, just sit back for about five minutes and imagine senseless violence and gore, and you’ll pretty much be up to speed with Boll’s original vision.  Boll’s lazy editing is your gain!

This is the debut performance for Mad Graph Riffs, comprised of Tom MaCoy and Michael Gormley.  We hope this is just the first of many cinematic gems you’ll allow us to bring into your home.  And while we know all too well that no amount of time can completely erase the scars a Boll flick entails, with Mad Graph Riffs by your side, the movie’s almost watchable.  We promise. 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pray Boll never gets the IP rights to another franchise.

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