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BLOOD FEAST - MicroRiffs

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BLOOD FEAST - MicroRiffs

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BLOOD FEAST – 1963 – 67min – NTSC - Blood Color

 When a man has 3 first names, he can either become president or create sloppy sadistic shiz-nit like the cranberry heap that is ‘BLOOD FEAST’

Herschell Gordon Lewis (the self proclaimed Wizard of Gore’ and King of all Pop),brings us a heart-ripping good yarn about a horrid little elf with a big stew pot and shmutzy  pants. Chef Ramses (Oh, F-us) serves his guests “the food of the Gods’ using freshly killed playboy bunnies. The first ever “GORE PORN’ flick.

Happy Halloween and good luck.

Warning: Some scenes of graphic yuckiness. Don’t watch while eating Spaghetti-Os.

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