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Big Bunch of Doug Shorts - Roads to Romance

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Big Bunch of Doug Shorts - Roads to Romance

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Ah, romance. Candles on the table. The light with the dimmer switch. Snooty French waiter that tries SO DAMNED HARD to make you feel stupid. Romance takes many forms. Did you know that romance also takes the form of getting in your car and driving to Michigan? No, you don’t? Well, then you have yet to check out Roads to Romance! A collection of shorter films trying to sell you a car, but MASKING that fact with the beauty of ROMANCE! Grab your pumpkin. Settle in on the couch. Have a wonderful time with Doug (Orwellian Nightmare Society, The History Channel’s History of the Joke).

This is a VOD, with the short and riff synced for your big sandwich eating pleasure.

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