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Big Bunch of Doug Shorts - O'Mara's Chain Miracle

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

Big Bunch of Doug Shorts - O'Mara's Chain Miracle

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Good vibes.  Great times.  Crazy, drunken cops.  When you find a town that’s got it all, you stay there.  Also, you buy a Chevy.  And why not?  They’re the boxiest cars around. 

O’Mara’s Chain Miracle tells the story of one such town, one such cop and one such type of boxy car.  When good feelings pass through a community like Timothy Leary’s VD, it’s up to one cop to get to the bottom of it.  However, little does he know that it might have all stemmed from him.

Join Doug (Orwellian Nightmare Society, Doug’s Big, Long One, The History Channel’s History of the Joke) as he investigates this mystery alongside the stumbling drunk that is O’Mara.

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