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Big Bunch of Doug Shorts - Girls Beware

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Big Bunch of Doug Shorts - Girls Beware

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Girls, which is what women were called in the ‘50s, should beware. There’s all sorts of stuff out there that can get them. Dashing men in tuxedoes, obvious date rapists and purvy, unemployed dudes hanging around their former high school. But, how will these girls know from what to stay away? You know, other than reading the aforementioned list?

Why, this short, of course! Narrated by a cat lady, Girls Beware is a story of three girls who have follies that cause different outcomes of decreasing severity. So, if you’re a girl, you’ll probably want to watch this short. If you’re not…I don’t know what to tell you.

Join Doug as he chows down on this VOD presentation.

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