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Atomic Treatment & Mr.B.Natural: High School Caesar

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Atomic Treatment & Mr.B.Natural: High School Caesar

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Here within tells a tale of tragedy. Young Matthew Stevens, aka “High School Caesar,” is not your typical adolescent wannabe. Blessed with brains, charisma, and fantastic wealth poor Matthew is also cursed by lack. Matthew has never known unconditional love, true friendship, earned respect, or even self-worth. Born into a world that does not want him Matthew takes up arms against cruel fate so that he might have the love that was so freely given to others. What Matthew wants he purchases and what he cannot purchase…he takes. If the world would not respect him then by God it shall fear him. If he did not fit in the world then he would reshape it in his image where he and those who have pledged fealty to him would rule over all they surveyed. (Which was a high school.) Here within tells the tragic tale of the rise and fall of The Great High School Caesar. It is a tale of power, lust, greed, love, violence, and excessive awkward touching and dancing. For the first time in human history the powerhouses of comedy Mr.B.Natural and Atomic Treatment join forces to take on the 1960 classic High School Caesar! Starring: John Ashley (Frankenstein’s Daughter) Steve Stevens (Agent for HARM) This product is a VOD with a runtime of 1:11:03.

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